A streamlined implementation

creates immediate business impacts


We prioritize solutions to high-priority requirements that are essential to delivering a return on investment, achieving compliance, and meeting deadlines. To this end, we divide IAM implementation into these phases:

Installation and Setup – Our technologists will prepare all of the required components based on the specifics of your implementation plan.

Configuration and Development – Data migration and validation and integration with external applications take place during this phase.

Build and Testing – We maintain a separate environment for developing and testing prior to releasing your IAM project into a production environment.

Production Roll-Out – After testing all requirements and design, we will implement your final IAM solution.

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Based on the results of the Assessment phase, we will construct an implementation plan for your organization that covers the following:

  •  Prioritization of requirements
  •  Mapping of requirements to IAM features
  •  Definition of tasks by phase
  •  Milestones and timeline
  •  Estimated level of effort
  •  Metrics for measuring progress