Understand your organization’s

needs and IAM roadmap


Understanding the opportunities and challenges your organization faces is an essential step in reaching your IAM goals. 

To better understand your organization’s unique needs, IdentityNest conducts the following activities during the assessment phase:

  • Information Gathering – Our business analysts will conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand your unique business processes, resource availability, and IAM requirements. We will review your cloud and on-premise applications and take inventory of your users’ access privileges.
  • Evaluation of Current State – By analyzing the information collected, IdentityNest will prioritize and map your IAM requirements to the appropriate business drivers and determine the best path to meeting your goals.
  • Road Map Development – The road map defines the processes, procedures, and/or technologies needed to reach the desired future state of IAM for your organization.

If software is required for your organization’s IAM solution, IdentityNest will help you review the options and select a vendor and product that aligns with your needs.

We will deliver a detailed IAM assessment report encompassing the following:

  •  Current state architecture
  •  Maturity level
  •  Gap analysis
  •  Future state concept
  •  Road map
  •  Analysis and recommendations