Identity and Access Management
What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?
The goal of an IAM framework is to provide the right people to right access at the right time.
While they are often confused, Identity Management and Access Management are two different but equally important initiatives:

Identity Management establishes a

trustworthy process for assigning

attributes to a digital identity

and connecting that identity to

an induvidual.

Access Management determines the ways

in which entities are granted or denied access

to resources. it leverages identities, privileges,

and credentials  like smart cards, private / public

cryptographic keys, and digital certificates.

IAM impacts every user in an organization and is an essential part of any information technology (IT) security plan. IAM enables internal  and external  users  to gain the necessary  information from  applications to be productive, while allowing the organization to control  access  rights as appropriate

Where to begin

Where should you start? there is no such thing as successfull one-size-fits-all IAM solution. That is why IdentityNest recommends starting with a full assessment of your organization’s solution achitecture, business processes, data quality, and core requirements.

Assessment is an important first step to IAM. once we understand the current state of your organization’s systems and processes, we can develop a tailored IAM strategy, assist in product evaluation based on your specific industry and business needs. then, we will map your strategy to an implementation plan that ensures the right people and resources are assigned to each task.

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